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Cancer Focus NI’s Manifesto for NI Assembly Elections 2022

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland’s mission is to eliminate cancer where possible and reduce its impact on society. We want cancer incidence rates here to be among the lowest in the world: we want our cancer patients to have among the best outcomes in the world. This is ambitious, but we believe our peo...


Smoking in Cars With Children Now an Offence

  Cancer Focus Northern Ireland has welcomed the implementation of the long-awaited law to ban smoking in cars carrying children.    From 1 Feb, it is an offence to smoke in a private vehicle where children are present, when there is more than one person in the vehicle and the vehicle is enclosed. I...


Smoking in cars with children illegal from 1 February

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland has welcomed the news that from 1 February the long-awaited law to ban smoking in cars carrying children will come into force.     From 1 February, the regulations will extend current smoke-free provisions to private vehicles where children are present, when there is mo...


Cancer charity welcomes ban on smoking in cars with children

Leading local cancer charity Cancer Focus Northern Ireland today welcomed the Health Minister’s implementation of a ban on smoking in cars carrying children. The charity said the announcement was a major positive step towards a tobacco–free Northern Ireland and to improving the health of under 18s....