Deirdre Whyte’s breast cancer story

Deirdre Whyte, a mother of three from Glengormley was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. Deirdre underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer and used the Cancer Focus bra fitting service to feel and look her best to get ready for her daughter’s wedding, a hugely important event for any mother.   


Deirdre said: “After a really difficult week, the hour I spent at Cancer Focus NI getting my bra fitted really lifted my spirits. It was wonderful to work with a specialist who knew exactly how to fit a bra to my body and it made me feel so confident and like myself again after undergoing changes from my breast surgery.”  


Deirdre continued: “I couldn’t recommend the breast cancer support services enough and thanks to the expert team at Cancer Focus NI was able to feel confident and beautiful on one of the most special occasions in my life.” 

A few weeks after Deirdre attended her bra fitting and shared her experience, she was admitted to hospice for care and passed away peacefully on 11th September 2022. Deidre’s daughter Debbie speaks about her mother’s strength and determination through her breast cancer battle, and the importance of seeing your GP if something doesn’t feel right.  

Debbie said: “My mummy had a tough journey from her breast cancer diagnosis in 2020. She would never let cancer stop her from doing the things she loved, spending time with her children, grandchildren, family and friends. She showed great determination and strength through this horrible disease. My mummy fought right to the end and saved all her strength for my wedding day and she looked a million dollars! I’m so glad she got to make more great memories with the time she had left.” 


Debbie continued: “I hope my mummy’s story highlights the importance of always getting symptoms checked if you feel something isn’t right. No matter what life throws at you, get up each morning, be thankful and make every second count.” 


Deirdre’s son Andrew remembers his mother’s strength throughout her difficult breast cancer journey. Andrew said: “My mother was my best friend and someone I could have relied on morning, noon, and night. Despite being in the hospice it was a privilege to be there at her side. My sister’s wedding was something she had put all her in energy into making sure she attended and is testament of her strength and positive mental attitude. She was one of a kind and I am very lucky and blessed to call her my mother.” 

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