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Mike’s malignant melanoma story

Retired college lecturer Mike Moran was urged by his son to have a mole on his back examined by his GP. Mike was conscious of the mole but as it was symptomless never had it checked out by a health care professional. “I used to monitor it and my wife would examine it but I never thought to go to my GP and have it examined. I used to cover it up and apply sun cream when out in the sun ,” he said.

Thankfully, Mike listened to his son and went to his doctor.

However, after the initial consultation, Mike was told by his GP not to be concerned. The mole was nothing to worry about.

The following Monday, Mike received a call with unexpected, shocking news. A sample taken to test the mole came back as malignant. All of a sudden, Mike’s World changed – he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma – skin cancer.

Mike said: “The diagnosis was a massive shock – I was very active and it took a while to adjust to a period of uncertainty”. Mike’s cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment was short and effective, thanks to an early diagnosis. “If you don’t feel well, see a doctor as soon as possible. Don’t sit around worrying about things,” he said. 

Survival from skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma, is greatly improved if detected early and treated appropriately. 

Mike explained what helped him through the diagnosis and treatment: “Family support is so important, but one of the things that helped me through this period of uncertainty was all the information provided by Cancer Focus NI.

“People may overlook the importance of basic information, but it proved a vital part of me beating cancer. I had access to plain, straightforward facts – like survival rates and what the next stages were after diagnosis and following treatment.”

Mike is zealous about cancer prevention and is optimistic that Cancer Focus NI’s campaign to communicate the message to local people about skin cancer is effective. He said: “Prevention and early detection sessions work. Cancer Focus NI does great work in schools and work places in Northern Ireland to raise awareness of skin cancer. Your donation today will keep these vital services going and help to reduce the number of local  people getting skin cancer.”

Mike is now fit and well. But still, more than one person each day is diagnosed with malignant melanoma cancer in Northern Ireland. Overall, more men are dying now from malignant melanoma than a decade ago.

To see a video of Mike click here.

Your donation today will help Cancer Focus NI strengthen two vital services –

  • Deliver campaigns to local schools and local businesses about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer


  • In association with the Public Health Agency provide training in cancer prevention and early detection for local health care professionals and trainee beauty therapists as we actively seek ways in which we can encourage more training to help in the fight against cancer


Thank you so much for reading Mike’s cancer story and for your ongoing support. By giving £15, or whatever you can afford, you will help fund these life-saving services, so more local people can have positive outcomes like Mike’s. Thanks for your time and your support – we could not continue our work without you.