Stop smoking – Covid-19 advice

In response to the latest Department of Health smoking cessation statistics (Sept 2020), Gerry McElwee, Head of Cancer Prevention, Cancer Focus NI, said:

“Stopping smoking can be challenging for people at any time. Indeed, this is a crucial time to consider giving up smoking, to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 and to reduce the risk of severe disease associated with the infection.

“Cancer Focus NI congratulates the thousands of local people who have made this major change towards a healthier future.

“Smoking causes over a quarter of cancer deaths and is our greatest cause of preventable ill health. Stopping is the most important thing a smoker can do to improve their health and smokers are four times more likely to succeed if they have access to proven support services such as those of Cancer Focus NI and the Public Health Agency.

“Although our face-to-face work is on hold at present, we still provide a successful stop smoking service by video, phone and using our private Facebook group for people in the Belfast and SE Trust areas, so please get in touch.”

For more details about the Cancer Focus NI stop smoking service please email and for more help to stop smoking visit

Full DoH report: