Stop Smoking - Set A Date

Stop Smoking – Set A Date

You are 4x times more likely to QUIT smoking if you have support

Set Your Date To Quit ?


Why quit?

Smoking causes 1/3 of all cancers in Northern Ireland and is our greatest cause of death and disease.

Around 687 men and 626 women in Northern Ireland are diagnosed with lung cancer every year – approximately 97% of these are over the age of 50. It not only increases the risk of cancer for the smoker but for those around them too.

Cancer Focus NI’s award-winning Stop Smoking service is funded by the Public Health Agency and is offered in GP practices, health and wellbeing centres, community, workplace and youth settings.

  • We can help

    Almost 250,000 people in NI have successfully stopped smoking since 2012.

    Last March hundreds of people who wanted to quit smoking were helped by their local Stop Smoking Service. Throughout COVID we have been able to provide a remote service via telephone and video calls to people right across NI.

    You don’t have to face it alone!

  • Quit smoking - hand refusing a cigarette - stop smoking month
  • We help smokers to create a personal plan for success and look at:

    ✅  Coping with cravings

    ✅  Managing stress

    ✅  Avoiding weight gain

    ✅  Developing a healthy lifestyle. 

    For daily tips, motivation, and support from other quitters & specialists join our private Facebook group Stop Smoking Support NI- Cancer Focus.

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We help workplaces too

Cancer Focus NI has extended its award-winning stop smoking service to employees across Northern Ireland. The service is funded by the Public Health Agency and is free to workplaces. We provide the service in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust areas, and it has recently been extended to give regional support to companies with a head office in Belfast or the South East.

Top employers who signed up during the Covid pandemic to encourage their staff to quit include the Northern Ireland Civil ServiceTranslink, Caremark NIThompsons Feeding InnovationDecora Blinds Belfast and Veolia.

The support service helps design a stop smoking plan that will work best for you to make quitting as easy as possible and is the first step on the journey towards a healthier and happier smoke-free life.

  • Gareth McGreevy
  • Gareth McGreevy quit smoking using our Stop Smoking Service and ran the Belfast City Marathon for Cancer Focus NI 3 weeks later!

    On 3rd October 2021, Gareth along with four other Northstone colleagues ran the Belfast City Marathon for Cancer Focus NI.  “It was such a fantastic feeling running the marathon relay event! And now we’ve set ourselves another goal – the same next year but this time slightly faster! 
    Gareth said, “I was and still am amazed at how quick after stopping smoking my breathing and chest improved in general, never mind when exerting myself through exercise.  I can’t express enough thanks to Bernie and the team for helping me stop what I thought was an impossible habit. But with the proper support and advice, believe me, it is possible.” 

    Read his full story here


  • Mandy Dunseith
  • Mandy Dunseith quit smoking, reduced her breathing tablets to one tablet a day and now only uses one inhaler per month. 

    Mandy said, “My smell is back. I smell smoke from miles away and it’s vile. Whoever would have thought I would be calling smoking vile’! My smell and tolerance is continuously changing. My taste has only just come back. And as I’m now able to breath I’m wanting to do more outdoor things. My advice to anyone out there who wants to stop smoking – you can do it. If I can, anyone can. But I believe I was successful because of the stop smoking support that I got from Cancer Focus NI.” 

    Read her full story here

  • Aidan Murray
  • Aidan Murray quit smoking, walks 10k every morning and now cycles 40k before 10am dropping from 19st to 13st 11lbs.

    Aidan says, “Tina (Cancer Focus NI) was great, so pleasant and really encouraging me to stop smoking. She rang me every week – she was a huge help, giving me lots of tips and support. She stuck with me until I stopped. I tried and I tried and I kept going and on the 7 July 2020 I smoked my last cigarette.

    “Just say to yourself I can do it. It’s not easy but keep trying and you will succeed. Don’t give up on giving up.”

    Read his full story here

  • Jill Tsang
  • Belfast mum Jill Tsang (38) stopped smoking on September 23, 2020, with help from the Cancer Focus NI stop smoking service after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

    Jill says, “Getting cancer was such a shock, I desperately wanted to get healthy again and I knew that stopping smoking was one thing that I could do both for me and for my nine-year-old son Tyler. 

    I decided I couldn’t put my body through anything else. Stopping smoking was one thing I knew I could do to help myself. I’d been having problems speaking for too long because of a shortness of breath. Even as I was going through treatment I felt so much better having stopped.  

    Read her full story here

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