Video resources- The Journey

The Journey video series aims to help parents or carers who have cancer speak to their children about what lies ahead.   


Naturally, parents instinctively want to protect their children and one of the most challenging things they have to do is find a way to explain to younger members of the family what is happening.  We hope that these videos will help with those difficult conversations when the future looks uncertain, and answer some of the questions that parents have as they embark on this part of their cancer journey.


Our Family Support service helps families cope with the disruption to ordinary family life and helps to minimise the long-term impact on children’s emotional well-being If you would like to find out more about our Family Support service contact Gail on


Part 1. Talking about a cancer diagnosis with children and young people

Areas covered in The Journey part one include:

  • I don’t want to tell my kids…
  • I just want to protect them…
  • I don’t know how to tell them…

Part 2. Difficult conversations when the future is uncertain

Areas covered in part two include:

  • I can’t see a way through…
  • How do I tell my children?
  • I don’t think they will understand…
  • How will my children react?

Part 3. The first few days after losing a loved one, funerals and getting through

Areas covered include:

  • What helps when you are facing the funeral / wake?
  • How do we keep going?
  • What can help in this situation?

Part 4. Trying to adjust to life after loss

This short film offers some advice directly from young people who have been on the journey of losing a parent.

If you would like to find out more about how our Family Support service helps families cope with a cancer diagnosis contact Gail on


Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund for the project funding.

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Cancer Focus NI worked in partnership with film-making company esc film to create The Journey.