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  • I thought breast cancer happened to other women - breast cancer stories
  • 1 in 10 women in Northern Ireland will get breast cancer.

    This could be your mum, your sister, aunt, niece or friend. Someone just like Shauna, Miriam or Melanie.

    Not one of them thought it would happen to them. Please read their stories and make the decision to become actively breast aware.

    If you’d like to support local women affected by breast cancer, consider taking part in our Support Your Girls campaign and have a girls’ night in.

  • Image of Shauna Lawson breast cancer patient
  • Shauna Lawson (35), Derry / L’derry

    A single mum of two teenage boys, Shauna was diagnosed in January 2020. In September 2019 she noticed a change in her left breast. She found a few lumps but thought nothing of it until she saw indentation a few months later.

    Read Shauna’s story.

  • Yvonne Alderdice's breast cancer story girls night in Support Your Girls
  • Yvonne Alderdice (43), Bangor

    Yvonne Alderdice (43), from Bangor, is married to Dave and has three children, Zoe (13), Ross (12) and Ciara (10). She was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and since then has picked her life up again and even run the Dublin marathon. She is a keen advocate of checking yourself for anything out of the ordinary.


    Read Yvonne’s story.

  • Miriam Hamilton's breast cancer story
  • Miriam Hamilton (66), Downpatrick

    Miriam Hamilton was first diagnosed at the age of 31 with three young children. She has just been diagnosed a third time and firmly believes there is life beyond a cancer diagnosis. 

    Read Miriam’s story.

  • Melanie Clarke Pullen breast cancer story
  • Melanie Clarke Pullen, Bangor

    A mum to three, Melanie lives in Bangor with her husband. She was diagnosed with breast cancer January 2019 and is recovering from a double mastectomy.  Melanie has the BRCA 2 mutant gene which dramatically increases the chance of breast and ovarian cancer. 

    Read Melanie’s story.

  • Claire Williamson shares her breast cancer story
  • Claire Williamson, Lisburn

    When Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer, her two boys were only 18 months and six years old She had recently been for a mammogram, so when she found a lump on her breast she wasn’t overly worried but still approached her GP about it.

    Claire explains how important it is to get to know your own breasts. 

    Read Claire’s story.