Keeping Well Services

The Cancer Focus Northern Ireland Keeping Well services are delivered directly to local workplaces and communities.

The services, including health checks, help local people lower their cancer risk and increase awareness of cancer symptoms and screening programmes.  You can choose from a number of services to best meet your needs:

Keeping Well vans

Our Keeping Well vans are mobile drop-in units which bring health checks, cancer awareness and healthy lifestyle information directly to people in their workplace and community.


This service empowers people to take control of their own health and take steps to lower their risk of cancer.

Watch this short video for a taster on what our Keeping Well vans offer.

Health checks include:

  • Body composition (% of fat, water and muscle in your body)
  • Waist measurement
  • Blood sugar level
  • Blood pressure
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Skin scanning
  • Stop smoking support
  • Signs and symptoms of various cancers
  • Information on screening programmes



Quick Fit

The Quick Fit programme offers positive steps to improve your health through diet and exercise in two sessions over a three to six month period.  You will receive one-to-one body composition checks and tailored advice on setting achievable goals to improve your health. This is then followed by the second session to chart progress.


 Cancer awareness presentations

We can provide a wide range of presentations to meet the needs of your workplace or community. These include:


  • Reduce your risk
  • Women and cancer
  • Men and cancer
  • Stop smoking
  • Care in the sun
  • Health and hydration



Cancer Focus NI works with other organisations to facilitate the following programmes:


Cook – it!

Fun, fast food for less. This is a practical six-week nutrition programme aimed at encouraging healthy cooking on a limited budget.  It helps enhance cooking skills while learning more about a balanced diet.



Weigh to Health

This is a six week programme aiming to help adults lose weight safely with group support.  The programme promotes positive motivation, healthy nutrition, alongside low level physical activities and is based on behaviour change.



Engage Men’s Health Training

‘Engage’ training is a comprehensive one or two day programme.  It aims to increase understanding of the best practice to engage men with health and social services.



 Personal Development

This programme is a six week training programme for groups of adults and focuses on promoting self-confidence, self-understanding and finding a sense of purpose in our lives.


Download our Keeping Well in your workplace and community leaflet here.


To book one of our Keeping Well services for health checks and advice for your community group or business call 028 9066 3281
or email