Parent Support Programmes

Schools do a great job educating our young people on lifestyle choices and we support them through our innovative skills focussed programmes. However, it is recognised that parents can have the greatest impact on their health and future wellbeing.


The videos below are designed to support parents and are used most effectively when viewed with young people and followed up with discussions about relevance to their own lives. We hope you derive great benefits from our work.

Smokebuster’s Refusal Skills (Yrs. 6 & 7)

The video illustrating strategies pupils should practice in preparation for when they might need to say NO to Smoking in real life scenarios. The skills can be used in other situations when being pressured into trying similar risky behaviours.


Smokebuster’s ‘Control Cravings Stay Healthy’ (Yrs. 6 & 7)

Pupils learn to recognise and control impulsive behaviours around smoking and eating which can have a detrimental effect on their health. They develop the skills to recognise pressure, control it and most significantly never to experiment with cigarettes.


Smokebuster’s Passive Smoking at Home (Yrs. 6 & 7)

Pupils are reminded about the dangers of breathing in other people’s cigarette smoke in the home, learn how to escape the associated dangers, and get advice on how to support a smoker who wants to cut down or quit.

Move, Eat, Exercise Programme (for KS 3, 4 and 5)

‘Move, Eat, Exercise’ identifies tactics used by some manufacturers to buy their products. We highlight how to recognise these and the skills needed to make informed decisions about what we eat to ensure positive long term impact on health.


Save Your Own Skin (for KS 4 & 5 Students)

We highlight conflict between our young people needing a golden tan to look good and the increased incidents of skin cancer in NI. To help prevent skin damage we identity skin types and encourage use of the solar UV index.