Post Primary Programmes

Our skills-based programmes for post primary schools address the Key Stage 3 and 4 Statutory Statements of Requirement in Personal Development. All programmes are media rich, challenging and encourage participation.


A Cancer Focus NI Officer will visit your school and deliver a minimum of FOUR programmes over the course of one day (9.30am – 3.30pm).  This includes Dead Cool Pupil Introductory Lesson (and if required teacher training), Save Your Own Skin and Be Body Aware.

NB As a charity, this helps us limit our travel costs and enables us to deliver the programmes free of charge.

YEAR 9: Dead Cool (10 week programme)
This programme consists of  eight teacher-led interactive lessons which will develop transferable life skills, helping students make informed choices about health related issues including smoking. It includes a 30 minute session to be provided by Cancer Focus NI before or mid-way through delivery of the programme.

Year 10: Move More Eat Wiser

Session 1:
This media rich presentation challenges marketing of the fast food industry and encourages students to be mindful of food intake and physical activity output.

Session 2: 

This teacher-led follow-up session using a Cancer Focus NI PowerPoint allows students to look at their own lifestyle and develop a personal action plan to improve nutrition and to become more active while encouraging others to do the same.

Year 11 or 12: Stop Think Eat Move

Session 1:

Cancer Focus NI facilitator addresses the misinformation around ‘junk’ and ‘healthy’ food as well as challenging myths about physical activity.

Session 2: 

Students develop a personal action plan to help resist the quick ‘sugar high’ and other highly processed foods and explore options around how best to fit physical activity in to their daily life to maintain a healthy weight.


Year 11 or 12: Save your own Skin

Session 1:
This programme addresses the importance of protecting our skin from UV rays/sunburn. It challenges the ‘bronze is beautiful’ myth and in particular the use of sunbeds.  Students  will identify different skin types and know how to reduce their risk of skin damage/skin cancer.

Session 2: 

Students look at their lifestyle and examine the risks of skin damage/skin cancer and develop a personal action plan to prevent this.

Year 13 or 14: Be Body Aware

Session 1   Cancer Focus NI Officer presentation

This session addresses the long-term consequences of lifestyle choices made in early adulthood.  Having a better understanding of their  body and the signs and symptoms of cancer, pupils will know how to reduce their risks.


Session 2   Teacher Supervision required for video presentations (supplied by Cancer Focus NI)

This follow up session is gender specific. Videos are supplied by Cancer Focus NI for viewing in single sex groups. Emphasis is on body awareness and self-examination and the importance of a personal action plan to help reduce their risks.

Year 13 or 14: Assembly on the Work of Cancer Focus Northern Ireland
This explains how we support cancer patients and their families; offer programmes to reduce people’s risk of getting cancer; fund research into the causes and treatment of cancer and campaign to protect our community.

Stop Smoking Support
Motivational, behavioural and pharmacotherapy support is provided for students and staff quitting smoking. Schools and colleges can avail of services in Belfast and South Eastern Trust areas. Contact Stop Smoking Team; 028 9066 3281 or