Smokebusters for P6 & P7

Our Smokebusters programme for P6 & P7 children, funded by the Public Health Agency, and has been developed to provide a memorable and fun-filled learning experience with the purpose to educate on the harmful effects of smoking and why you should never start.  Through the programme pupils will have lots of opportunity to participate, investigate and communicate.


Currently our Smokebusters programme is primarily delivered via video call. To book, please click on the button below to download a form to complete and return to


For maximum benefit, your school should also download our interactive resources for the Smokebusters programme, allowing teachers to deliver the programmes to their classes independently.

P6: Smokebusters Programme (A)
Pupils learn about second-hand smoke and how to avoid it. They become aware of addiction to substances and develop skills to exercise self-control.

P7: Smokebusters Programme (B)
The harmful effects of cigarette chemicals are highlighted, role play is used to empower pupils to resist experimentation and pupils help achieve smoke-free environments.